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Accu-Star's Areas of Expertise:

Demolition & Abatement

Demolition Services


At Accu-Star Environmental Inc., our first concern is dealing with environmental concerns and safety.

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Junk Removal


Move That Junk! we specialize in dumping all kinds of yard waste, rubbish or what ever else you have in yard or house.

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Asbestos Services


If you want to start construction, remodel, or simply want to make sure that you’re safe in your home or office, you need to have a professional...

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Mold Services


When it comes to getting the home inspected for potential issues, many people assume that the property needs to be in great shape on the surface.

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Comprehensive Environmental Remediation  Demolition


We are a well-established environmental remediation firm that focuses fully on commercial and residential mold remediation, asbestos removal and demolition. The presence of asbestos is not easily identified. For that reason, we employ the right equipment and expertise.


In fact, asbestos removal is not something we attempt to do, rather is an activity we embrace.


Asbestos and mold are dangerous substances that are frequently encountered in older buildings. This is especially encountered in the onset of a remodeling project. Anywhere moisture is present; mold can form. It is highly advisable not to handle asbestos materials such as asbestos floor tiles, asbestos pipe wrap if you are not an expert. Note that these materials are highly dangerous and could pose hazardous exposure to you and people around you.


At Accu-Star we are trained asbestos professionals well familiar with asbestos testing and safety precautions to take. We are environmental professionals trained in identifying and sampling potential asbestos materials. All samples are collected carefully using strict quality control program for the safety of our clients. You can be sure that all environmental services will be handled using current techniques and equipment to efficiently resolve any problem.


As a leading environmental remediation company, we offer a full range of services. Whether you are updating an old home, a historic home, or demolishing an outdated property, we have you covered. Note that demolition can involve a complete removal, partial demolition, or demolition to one wing. Our services include the removal of dangerous materials such as asbestos and mold.


We are fully insured, are trained for all asbestos projects, bondable, and we guarantee our clients of safety after the completion of every project. Whether the job needed is residential or commercial, trust us for effective solutions and low costs for your abatement services. Whatever the magnitude of your project, we have the dedication to offer you the same professional, outstanding and courteous services. If you need an asbestos abatement specialist you can trust, contact us today.



Mold, Asbestos, & Junk Cleanup

When it comes to having mold in the home, many don’t even realize that they are dealing with something very dangerous. The average person thinking about the issue will most likely think only about the food entity. Food gets moldy after some time, as it breaks down and you would never eat it right? It can make you violently ill and can cause serious damage to the immune and nervous system. When dealing with the other type, the issue can really be damaging to the lungs, nervous system, and could even cause death if it goes untreated. That’s no reason to panic, but rather to look into mold removal Toronto, in order to make sure that your house is free and clear.


First and foremost, it’s important to understand that most people that have mold in their home don’t realize it. That’s because it can grow undisturbed, dormant, and free and clear from where the eye looks most. It could be behind a wall somewhere, or in a basement or attic and the spores continue to grow by leaps and bounds, all the while you live and breathe without noticing. Then the sickness sets in, and once that happens, the mold issue is more than just a fleeting problem, it’s a serious issue that is going to require a great deal of focus.


Removing mold is not something that the average person can do. You need to call in a professional for two major reasons. The primary being that you need to ensure that you even have mold and that’s what’s causing the issues in the home (sickness and otherwise) and once identified the proper removal and construction process needs to be done. Without proper cleaning and removal of the issue, as a whole, you could end up sparking another area with the problem or worse, it can return after it’s been removed.


Protecting your home from mold might not be on your mind right this moment, but it’s something that should be considered in the long term. The issue doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to develop. The easiest way to get this issue in the home is to have water leaking somewhere. Whether it’s a roof leak that goes unfixed, or a faucet that is leaking behind a wall, or a shower that is pushing out too much heat and steam and not getting it cleared away through a fan, water damage is the main culprit that needs to be dealt with first.


Once that is taken care of, it’s important to look for spores and any sort of abnormal growth that could be in the area. If that is discovered, do not hesitate, call in a professional and get it cleared. Whether you’re looking for mold removal or other areas make sure that you do not wait to get your home cleaned from this issue. Some families have been known to wait, and they become statistics because this issue can turn deadly if left untreated. It’s imperative to get it removed and done properly by a professional that knows what they are doing.