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Welcome to Accu-Star Environmental. Our GTA-area services include Mold Detection and Removal, Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Hoarding , Forensic and Trauma Scene Cleanup.  In simple terms We See and Remove What Others Can’t.


At Accu-Star Our Customer service is second to none.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients by performing free inspections in most cases for visible mold or Asbestos, Helping families through the difficult times of Forensic and Trauma scene cleanup and because we use thermal cameras, state of the art equipment and highly skilled and experienced inspectors we really do “See and Remove What Others Can’t” whether it be mold and asbestos detection and removal, air quality testing, forensic and trauma scene cleanup, demolition, exploratory diagnostics or thermal imaging we help our clients with recommendation and give our clients relief knowing that they are in safe hands. We also use to do inspections for Mike Holmes.


We perform FREE inspections for when water damage causes visible mold or you have found possible asbestos and offer price match guarantees for when other local companies offer the same services for less.


We take the time to show our clients how the equipment works and during inspections we give detailed descriptions of what the source of the issues are, provide detailed recommendations and step by step details on how the area will be remediated.  We have our clients watch the view screens on the equipment whether it is on one of our thermal cameras, bora scopes or snake cameras and ask questions so that they can see for themselves what the issues are. Our clients can rest easy, assured that the problem has been identified.


We ensure that our clients understand what the true issues are and we help them to deal with mold, asbestos and trauma scene issues big or small in an appropriate, safe manner and offer recommendations and because we own such a large amount of equipment for inspections, mold remediation and asbestos abatement there is never a worry that a project will have to be delayed due to lack of equipment.


At Accu-Star we have been contracted to work on some of the largest projects in Toronto and our group of Inspectors, Technicians have more than 54 years of combined experience in residential construction, renovation, historical and industrial commercial buildings. Having this amount of skill and experience allows us to give unmatched services to clients who have issues such as fire damage, flood damage, water damage, mold damage, foundation  issues, asbestos on pipes, asbestos in vents,  forensic and trauma scene cleanup, and hoarding and gross filth cleanup  to name a few. Our experience allows us to give unmatched trust, customer service, reliability and comprehensive inspections, Mold Remediation and Asbestos Abatement every time saving our clients Time and Money.



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