Asbestos Testing

Those most vulnerable to exposure of dangerous levels of asbestos are those that:


  • Live in older homes or buildings
  • Work in industries producing asbestos by-products
  • Mine asbestos or live near these industries
  • If you live or work in a Commercial, Industrial or Residential Property built prior to 1981, are involved with demolition work, renovations to your home or building, including repair, remodeling and maintenance, you may currently be exposed to hazardous levels of Asbestos. Testing should be considered if you suspect the presence of Asbestos in your home or workplace.


What is Asbestos Testing?


Asbestos Testing is the process of looking for Asbestos; testing areas where it may reside in both homes and buildings including:


  • Heating ductwork & Furnaces – Ducts may be largely made of Asbestos. As it starts to break down, Asbestos fibers are blown into the home and can be inhaled. Also, your furnace may be lined with Asbestos, or sit on Asbestos padding
  • Plumbing – Pipes may be wrapped with Asbestos, especially if connected to radiators or other steam-producing elements
  • Electrical Wiring – Older tube wires may be covered with Asbestos
  • Fireplaces – Prior to 1978, artificial logs were manufactured using Asbestos
  • Crawlspaces or Basement Floors – Asbestos fibers can collect on the ground, or floor below ductwork or piping
  • Walls & Ceilings – May contain blown-in insulation that contains Asbestos, especially those built prior to 1981
  • Flooring – Vinyl floor tiles may contain asbestos
  • Roofing & Siding – Older roof shingles may be made from asbestos mixed with cement or asphalt
  • Asbestos Testing should be carried out by professionals that follow safety guidelines set out by Ontario’s Laws Regarding Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and Repair Operations.

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