Mold Remediation

At Accu-Star Environmental, we help to get the work done the first time. From the inspection to testing, remediation and disposal, we do it all from start to finish.  By calling us in to help, one of our professional service inspectors will thoroughly examine your property. They will not only be able to identify areas of possible mold, but also make sure to inspect other areas where it may not be visible. They will answer all of your questions, create a scope of work and schedule a convenient time to begin the remediation.


Our team is prepared and exceptionally trained with the finest equipment and safety protocols to ensure that the removal and disposal of all hazardous materials meets Ministry Standards. Your health is one of our top priorities and we gladly take care in knowing we have provided services that guarantee a healthy living environment for you.


One of the greatest things in life is moving into a new home, a bigger one, upgrading the family to something that they can truly grow together with. That sort of beauty happens for a lot of people, and then disaster strikes. You see, some people have to deal with a silent killer that stays within their walls and sometimes goes unnoticed during inspections. The thing that can truly prove disastrous for people is mold. Mold can truly be deadly, and it is a silent and deadly thing to deal with on a regular basis. If you’re looking to get rid of it, then make sure you look into mold remediation Toronto, immediately.


If you’re not sure whether or not you need to get immediate help, you should first consider the health effects of living with mold anywhere near you. The toxins are small and produce tiny mites that can be breathed into the lungs much like dust on a job site for construction workers. When these debris hit the lungs they can cause respiratory problems at first, and over time, they can prove to be extremely dangerous causing even death.


The symptoms that a person should be looking for is that akin to seasonal allergies. Red eyes, coughing, wheezing, skin irritation, headache, and so much more will accompany the issue. Most people will disregard these as something that is normal or an allergic reaction to the weather changing or just about anything but having to deal with the construction issue. It’s when the problems manifest that the body is trying to tell that something more serious is afoot. Over time, a person can develop serious health issues, which often times cannot be treated with simple antibiotics and could end up with long-term health issues.


For those that aren’t aware of what mold remediation is, it’s simple, it’s the removal of the substance from the interior of a home. A professional can do it, and it is not recommend that it be done in a “DIY” method at all. If you feel that it’s a simple task, do not believe it, as it will prove to be unsuccessful and you could end up hurting yourself and your family in the process. It’s dire that you call in the pros to make sure that if the issue is serious, they can put on hazmat suits and get rid of the infected area, clear the air, and fix the issue once and for all.


If you don’t believe that you have an issue, great, call in for an inspection and you’ll be free and clear. But before you call it a day on this issue, make sure that you invest some time in making sure that you do not have any leaks or water damage that can turn ordinary places in your home into manifestations of this substance. Water damage is the number one way most areas get this issue, so make sure that you’re looking around your home often to ensure that nothing is leaking slowly. This is not an overnight problem, it takes years to develop, and once it gets bad, it’s really bad.


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