Mold Testing

3 Reasons You Need Mold Testing


When you move into a new home, or even an apartment, you don’t know what is lurking in the walls or behind them for that matter. You could end up living with unexpected guests or even worse, mold. Many different things that can go awry often times stay unseen, and when it comes to water damage and many different problems that can cause health issues, you don’t always get to see them, but you will feel the symptoms and prolonged exposure could prove to be deadly. If you’re not worried or have never thought about whether or not you need to search for mold testing, or anything along those lines, you should consider the following 3 reasons that might serve to change your mind.


Safety – First and foremost, the main reason is safety. If you have anything going awry without you fully being aware you could be inviting a terrible health issue to take hold of you and your family. As stated above, often times the symptoms don’t manifest themselves at first, you might end up living somewhere for a great long time before you finally understand what is going on. Unfortunately, when the symptoms set in, it could be too late. Don’t wait too long to get your home inspected.


Removal – If you do in fact have mold, you’re going to need to get it removed, and it’s not always as cut and dry as you might think, call in a pro. If you simply clean the area and walk away, you are not getting rid of the issue. First, it’s important to understand why the issue has started and whether or not there is another issue to deal with alongside it. If mold has manifested due to a broken pipe, or water damage, it’s important to fix wherever the source of the issue first started. This will take a professional some time to locate, and removal needs some work, so don’t assume it’s a simple “DIY” project you can move through on a weekend.


Low Cost Now – The main reason you’ll want to look into mold testing today is because it can cost you a lot less to get your home free and clear now than tomorrow. The reason being is because mold can spread over time and the more square footage that it has taken over, the more of a problem you’re going to have on your hands and in some cases the recommendation is to demolish whole sections of a home and reconstruct. The cost associated with mold damage to a home can be in the tens of thousands and can spike exponentially if not taken care of and removed properly. Check it out today, because if it does in fact spread, you’re looking at a higher price.


The above 3 reasons to look into inspection are just simple reasons, but the primary reason, as stated above, is for your health. You don’t want to have to deal with the respiratory issues that come with inhaling spores as they can severely damage the lungs. Get expert help today.


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